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After trying multiple times to go the only Angolan restaurant in London, Aná-N’Gola, I would like to declare a fail. They are open only on demand on weekdays, which is to say you need to call the mobile number of a guy and tell him that you’d like to go and eat there. He will be slightly surprised – after all he only runs a restaurant doesn’t he? – then he’ll tell you that on this day or that he is closed but if you want to go on a Saturday on Sunday all you need to do is call ahead and he’ll cook something for you. Sorry but this does not qualify as a restaurant in my book.

Add to this that the place is in Newham, that is to say two miles closer than the moon, and having seen it not one part of the Solar System where I’d like to take my car or my wife or my shoes or anything I wear. So basically I’d have to dress in disguise not to get stabbed, leave the car in the City, spend an hour on the tube each way, to then eat in a place where I am scared to set foot in, assuming it is not closed as it usually is.