122 Boundary Road
Westminster NW8 0RH
Georgia, or the night of the giant dumplings. Take a dumpling twice the size of your hand. Bite a tiny piece of the dumpling. Suck the dumpling’s juice so it won’t burst (no irony, thanks!). Fit the dumpling into your mouth if you dare (again, no irony, thanks!). Chew the dumpling’s meaty filling. Swallow the dumpling. Spend the rest of the night waiting for that “Titanic” to sink in your stomach. Or smoke enough cigarettes and drink enough Port to burn it down.

Having said that, the rest of the dinner was fabulous! And the restaurant is very nice indeed.
Ok, just to make it simpler, menu below from www.tamada.co.uk

Badrijani: roast aubergine in walnut sauce and Georgian spices with pomegranate seeds***nice

Pkhali: spinach steamed with walnuts and Georgian spices***de-li-cious!!!!!!!!

Lobio: red beans with walnuts and Georgian spices***ok

Salad Olivie: steamed root vegetables with hard boiled eggs and dill with mayonnaise***much better than expected, surprisingly light and tangy

Lobio: red beans steamed with Georgian spices. ***this was a hot starter in a clay pot; completely different from the other Lobio described above

Imeruli Khachapuri – flat bread stuffed with Georgian cheese*** delicious beyond words! So good, it gives Focaccia di Recco a very hard time!

Khinkali – traditional Georgian dumplings with juicy meat (beef and pork)*** made on the spot, therefore super fresh. Good dish to share since it’s 6 pieces, but I didn’t particularly enjoy it. Filling was boring, dough slightly too thick. There’s no sauce and they’re just boiled. They look light, but they area actually bricks in disguise.

Food aside, the service was nice, attentive and quick. Shame the restaurant was empty, apart from us and another party of 6. I liked the ambience, I liked the candles and …tah-dah…I liked the ladies’!!! I’d have never imagined one day I’d say this, but Iberia’s restroom reminded me of my childhood!!! My parents’ friends, whom we used to visit a lot when I was 6ish, had a very similar loo in their home! I had forgotten all about Sergio and Guglie’s dinners, but I spent the rest of the evening thinking about it!!! And I’m sure it wasn’t the Georgian wine’s fault. By the way, the most expensive item on the entire menu! Anyway, what’s the price tag for such a nice evening? Bang on target – excluding wine, of course!

  • Food: 3
  • Ambience: 3.5
  • Service: 3
  • Value: 4
  • Overall: 3.37
It has been a while for this one; I have been busy. I’ll keep it tight.

Ambience: this is a simple yet nice place for an easy night out. The decor and general impression were much better than the average place we have seen in this mission: almost as good as places I have happily dined in outside this context. It is also in a reasonably nice area.

Food: we had a selection of starters which was very tasty, although I felt the taste in my stomach until the following morning. Too much garlic. I then had the traditional pork-stuffed mega-dumplings which you are supposed to eat with your hands. It is a fun ritual although the dumplings themselves were a bit bland. The cheesy bread we got as a side was the best part of the meal. I had a glass of Georgian wine which was passable.

Service was good, the waitress was smiling, fast, and courteous. No fireworks yet good.

The price was good, I think less than £60. All in all a reasonably pleasant experience, yet lacking any significant highlights.

  • Food: 2.5
  • Ambience: 2.5
  • Service: 2.5
  • Value: 2.5
  • Overall: 2.5