25 Catherine Street
Covent Garden
Westminster WC2B 5JS
It is with happiness and satisfaction that I’m writing this review. Indifferent to all the not-so-good comments we heard and read on Mishkin’s, this is what we chose for our Israeli chapter. We loved the place right the minute we walked in. Its retro look, the candle lit tables, the casual but perfectly functioning environment. This is a “YESSSSSSS!!!!!!” What a shame we are greeted by a dismissive waitress who is either having a bad day or doesn’t give a damn about what she is doing. The rest of the staff seemed and was in fact, reasonably nice and helpful. She soon after turned out to be nice too; possibly just deep in thoughts when we arrived…? It’s a busy place after all. It took us a while to decide what to eat since we liked everything they had on the menu, but here is our dinner:
Bread and Butter. Starter: pickled herring & beets tartar + Chopped chicken liver & radishes on toast. Small salad: eggplant, spiced lentils & labneh. Small side of mac & cheese. Water and 2 double espresso. Tot £39.38.
Apart from the mac & cheese, which, despite being good was slightly bland, everything else was as delicious as generous. I would go back once a month just for the salad! The rest of the menu deserves to “be eaten” too, so I made a point to go back and bring as many friends as I possibly can to make sure we sample all the dishes!  Would I take a date too? Most definitely. The place was busy, but civilised enough to make you forget how close to each other the tables are.
A great night out; glad we ignored the food guides for once!

  • Food: 4
    • Ambience: 3.5
    • Service: 3
    • Value: 3.5
    • Overall: 3.5
Another great one! We always get a deep satisfaction from finding a good place we’d recommend, in our adventures to eat our way across the globe. This was certainly one of those.

Location is central, and the restaurant itself looks like a really cool American deli / diner. Really good atmosphere. It is more Jewish-American than proper Israeli, I suppose, although I have never been to Israel.

Food is a mix of traditional deli food and Israeli specialties. I loved everything, from the mac & cheese to the chicken livers, to Monica’s salad. It was genuine and well prepared

Service was friendly, speedy, and efficient, a lot better than what you get in your typical New York City deli!

Value for money was excellent, considering location, food quality, atmosphere, etc. I truly recommend Mishkin’s and will likely go there again.

  • Food: 3.5
    • Ambience: 3
    • Service: 3
    • Value: 4
    • Overall: 3.37